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The MDD Department hosts the Ugandan office for EATI (Eastern Africa Theatre Institute), a theatre network project for theatre practitioners in Eastern Africa. EATI is not an academic programme, and its funding usually comes outside the University. Hence MDD Department only acts as a coordinator for the programme. One of EATI’s main funders in the recent past has been SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency)


The network conducts theatre skills training among community theatre artists and groups who may not get a chance to come to study at University Level. EATI also promotes net working among the artists in and outside the country through such activities as theatre exchanges and co-productions, conferences, and festivals at national and regional levels. The network publishes a quarterly newsletter as a vehicle of communication (news and views) on what is happening in theatre in Uganda and elsewhere, particularly in EASTERN Africa, as well as being a tool of documentation of the association’s work.




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