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The MDD department has 5 academic or study programmes that in turn generate a number of research possibilities at the postgraduate level (i.e. postgraduate Diploma, Masters Degree and Doctor of philosophy) and these are:

●Diploma in Music Dance and Drama
●Bachelor of Arts in Music
●Bachelor of Arts in Dance
●Bachelor of Arts in Drama
●Master of Arts in Performing Arts

 Some of the courses offered at the different levels are:

MDD 1101 Social and Historical Contexts of Performing Arts
MDD 1102 Technical Aspects of Theatre
MDD 1103 Folklore and its Performance
MDD 1104 Basic Elements of Music
MDD 1105 Introduction to Dance Choreography, Notation, and Analysis
MDD 1106 Basic Style and Form in Dramatic Composition
MDD 1107 Introduction to Music Performance
MDD 1108 Introduction to Performance Skills in Dance
MDD 1109 Introduction to Acting Skills
MDD 2101 Techniques in Radio, Television, and Video Production
MDD 2102 Applied Performing Arts I
MDD 2103 Scientific Elements of Performing Arts
MDD 2104 Intermediate Harmony and Transcription of African Music
MDD 2105 Labanotation and Dance Composition
MDD 2106 Playwriting Skills
MDD 2107 Performance Techniques in Western and African Music II
MDD 2108 Introduction to Modern and Folk Dance
MDD 2109 Theory and Practice of Directing
MDD 2209 Stage Management and Production
  Year One
MUS 1101 Introduction to Advanced Harmony, Counterpoint, and Ethnic Music Writing
MUS 1102 Introduction to Music Performance
MUS 1103 Aural Skills I
MUS 1104 Introduction to Music Analysis
MUS 1105 Introduction to Music History
MUS 1106> Music in Selected Ugandan Cultures
   Year Two
MUS 2101 Introduction to Writing, Inventions, and African Songs
MUS 2102 Performance in Western and Ethnic Music I
MUS 2103 Aural Skills III
MUS 2104 Formal Analysis I
MUS 2105 Introduction to Ethnomusicology
MUS 2106 History of Classical Music
MUS 2107 Introduction to Music Therapy
MUS 2108 Music in Selected Latin American Cultures
   Year Three
MUS 3101 Introduction to Fugue and African Song Cycle
MUS 3102 Performance in Western and Ethnic Music III
MUS 3103 Aural Skills V
MUS 3104 Serial Atono and Modal Music Analysis
MUS 3105 Research Report Writing in Ethnomusicology
MUS 3106 History of 20th Century Music
MUS 3107 Compositional Techniques in Music Therapy
MUS 3108 Music in South-East Asia



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