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Year One
DNC 1101
Dance History
DNC 1102
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Movement Awareness
DNC 1103
Introduction to Choreography
DNC 1104
Introduction to Movement Notation and Analysis
DNC 1105
Introduction to Dance Performance
DNC 1106
Introduction to Dance Technique
Year Two
DNC 2101
Study of Selected Ugandan Dance Forms II
DNC 2102
Introduction to Modern Dance
DNC 2103
Choreography I
DNC 2104
Dance Analysis and Criticism
DNC 2105
Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy
DNC 2106
Dance in Selected World Cultures II
DNC 2107
Dance in Education I
DNC 2108
Dance in Traditional, Social, and Theatrical Contexts I
DNC 2208
Dance in Traditional, Social, and Theatrical Contexts II
Year Three
DNC 3101
Dance Craft and Design II
DNC 3102
Creative Dance I
DNC 3103
Choreography III
DNC 3104
Field Work, Festivals and Adjudication
DNC 3105
Dance Movement Therapy: Theory and Practice II
DNC 3106
Dance in Europe and America
DNC 3107
Dance in Education III
DNC 3108
Analysis of African Dance I
Year One
DRM 1101
Foundations of Drama and Theatre
DRM 1102
Introduction to Dramatic Literature
DRM 1103
Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics
DRM 1104
Sociology of Art and Community Theatre
DRM 1105
Introduction to Technical Aspects of Theatre
DRM 1106
Introduction to Electronic Media and Communication
Year Two
DRM 2101
African Theatre
DRM 2102
Evolution of Theatre: Greek Classicism to Neo-Classicism
DRM 2103
Theories of Art and Theatre Criticism
DRM 2104
Communication Skills for Performers I (Voice and Speech)
DRM 2105
Theatre Design and Construction I
DRM 2106
Creative Writing and Production for Radio and Television I
DRM 2107
Theory and Practice of Acting I
DRM 2108
Drama in Education I
 Year Three
DRM 3101
Ugandan Drama and Theatre
DRM 3102
Contemporary Western Theatre
DRM 3103
Theatre Research Project
DRM 3104
Theatre Management and Administration
DRM 3105
Theatre Design and Construction III
DRM 3106
Play writing I
DRM 3107
Directing: Theory and Practice I
DRM 3108
Theatre for Development and PRA I
DRM 3109 Theories and Practice of Video and Film Making I





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