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Marketability of MDD Courses vis-à-vis the popularity of MDD at Makerere

 The courses offered at MDD Department are all market oriented, and are tailored to the needs of one seeking a career in performing arts as well as to the needs of a modern society. For example, for those who offer Fine Art at A level, there is a lot of design work being done at MDD. Those who do literature, criticism and analysis are an integral part of all the study programmes in the three disciplines of Music, Dance and Drama. The ones who do History, Geography, Divinity, Economics, Physics, Mathematics, or Biology shall be surprised to find logic and therapy studies in the Music and Dance study programmes. They shall find satisfaction in doing Anatomy, Acoustics, Drafting, Physio- Therapy and Body movements under Dance, and aesthetics, social studies, communication, management and market studies under Drama.


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