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Master of Arts in Applied Theatre

The students will grounded at advanced level with knowledge and skills to investigate and apply theatre in a range of development contexts.

Postgraduate Diploma in Theatre and Community Development

The focus of this Applied Theatre Program will be on equipping students with the knowledge and skills of applying theatre in a range of contexts for community development. Students will learn how the performing arts can be used as a singular or combined tool for social communication and as a development strategy. Students will be equipped with skills to work in a range of communities and to constitute communities of practice and intervention. Given skills as facilitators of community development they will learn and experiment with development frameworks focusing on participatory Freirean approaches to development. For their field attachment students will focus on selected development contexts will include the agricultural; health, entrepreneurship, gender and culture institutions. 

Postgraduate in Theatre and Therapy

This will be a specialized program that will be open to students that already hold a degree in performing arts majoring in theatre or students with a science degree and who have also offered relevant subjects at the undergraduate or post graduate level. It will be a two year course. The first year students with an arts major background but without relevant science grounding will study relevant courses in the sciences related to therapy psychology. Likewise students from a relevant science background will study  applied theatre courses. In the second year, the students will be combined to learn the principles and application of theatre for therapy. They will have attachment in relevant contexts


This course aims at producing graduate who understands how and can apply dance in a range of development, communication and entertainment contexts. The graduates of this program will be able to serve in contexts and capacities directly related to National, community and personal development. They will be of value within the entertainment industry as dance creators and performers; they will use dance to frame and explores ways of understanding and expressing health related issues and using movement as therapy (Dance therapy). They will also function as cultural consultants using dance as a frame to draw meaning within cultural contexts. They will function within the educational context and cultural, development as educators through dance. Using dance as a space for investigating and exploring possibilities of more just environment; within church and worship contexts, applying dance to advance religious communication and meaning. As community development officers; in marketing and advertising particularly on Television; they will be relevant to the tourism industry and advancement of dance as a cultural export; they will also find application in the recreation and entertainment industry, in rehabilitation institutions such as prisons and psychiatric environments; as movement analysis in investigative institutions.

BA in Dance for community and Youth Development

Bachelor of Arts In music (Beginners)
Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music
Bachelor of Arts in Jazz and Improvisation
Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy
achelor of Arts in Music Performance
Bachelor of Arts in Music Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Music archiving
Bachelor of Arts in Gospel Music
Bachelor of Arts in Sound Engineering
Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Music Production
Bachelor of Arts in Music Business






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